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Borrow and Return Books

Explanation about circulation services; how to borrow and return books, extension of loan period, overdue fines, and others.

Borrowing Books

Please use self check out machine on the first floor of the Main Library to borrow books. Follow the instruction on the screen. ID card is required. You cannot borrow books when you hold overdue books.

Loan period

NOTE: Books are recalled, regardless of loan period, when they are designated as course reserve books.

Number of Books

Types of materials that can be borrowed
Can be borrowed Cannot be borrowed
Self Checkout Machine Document Supply Center

Returning Books

Returning borrowed Books

Return books that you borrowed to the following place. Books found in other places might not be regarded as returned.

Deposit at the Document Supply Center

Deposit at the Main Library entrance (only when the Library is closed)

Returning Books Used in the Library

Put books that are used in the Library (not borrowed) on return trucks. The Library staffs will collect and shelve them. Please do not put them back to shelves.


When you keep books beyond their due dates, you cannot check out another book. Also, following overdue fines are set. We recommend ICU students to pay overdue fine once a term. Please pay by "Shoshi" at the Document Supply Center. You can check your overdue records at MyLibrary.

Overdue Fine (per day per book)


Checking Due Dates

LibCheck will send you via email, URL for checking your personal Library data including due dates. Email is sent to yamata address (XXXXXXX@yamata.icu.ac.jp.)

Hold Request

Hold request can be put on borrowed books via WebOPAC. When books are returned, email notice will be sent to your yamata address. Books will be kept at the Document Supply Center for 3 days (for ordinary books); 1 day (for Course Reserve Books.) You can also use LibCheck to check whether requested books are ready to be borrowed or not.

Renewing Due Dates

Use self check out machine to renew due dates. i.e. Books have to be brought to the library for renewing due dates.

Special Borrowing for Thesis Writers

Special service for students who are writing their senior and master theses, and all students in doctor courses. Books needed for thesis writing can be borrowed for longer loan period. Special borrowing for thesis writers service is only available at the Document Supply Center, not at the self check out machines.

Books Lost

Call Document Supply Center in case you lost library books (0422-33-3306.) It should be reimbursed by the same title.

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