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Follow the instruction below to read and print microfilms in the microfilm room on the ground floor of the Main Library. Call Reference Service Center (3668) using the extension telephone at the entrance of the microfilm room, for any inquiries including machine troubles.


1. Push the button on the left, to turn on the machine.

2. Set a film role to the axis, in the direction that it looks like a shape of Arabic numeral "6." Make sure that the film is mounted to the end, a square part of the axis.

3. Open the black stopper in advance, by pushing green button in front, if it is closed at the first place. Insert the film to the green guide rail, send it about 3inches, best that you see the film goes between two glass plates.

4. Close the black stopper by pushing it down.

5. Push "Load" button on the right.

6. If error occurs, push the button on the right of the counter, and retry.

7. Forward/rewind knob is under the counter.

8. Lever is used for orthogonal adjustments.

9. Rotation knob is on the right, under the screen.

10. Use the zoom ring and the focus ring attached to lens.

11. Select paper size, print tones, film types (P-P for positive, N-P for negative film.) Print area is displayed on the screen.

12. put the coin in the slot.

13. Push "コピー" button to print.

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