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Facilities & Equipment

Explanation of equipment and facilities at ICU Library. Ask at the Reference Service Center for any inquiries.

Automated Checkout Machines

Follow the instruction below to use automated checkout machines. See Borrow & Return Books page for more detailed information about circulation services.

1. Push "Checkout" button.

2. Insert an ID card.

3. Place books, face with bar code sticker up. Wait for few seconds to let the machine read it. Repeat when you have two or more books.

4. Push "End" button.

5. Do not forget to receive and ID card.

Computers & Printers

Computers in the Othmer Library is for present ICU students and staffs. "Kerberos" password is required for using (ask Integrated Learning Center for detailed informtaion about Kerberos.) See Computers & Printers for more detailed information.

PC Color Print

Color Printing from Computer of Reference Service Center at Othmer Library is available.

ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System)

ASRS is an automated storage system installed in the basement of the Othmer Library. The materials in ASRS can be retrieved through WebOPAC. See ASRS page for more detailed information.

Copy Machines

4 copy machines are set.; 2 on the first floor, 1 each on the second and the ground floor of the Main Library. A4, B4, and A3 paper size is available, all for 10 yen per page. Multi-printing, double-face printing, and OHP sheet printing are not available.

A special copy machine of staffs are set on the first floor of the Main Library. Copy cards are next to the machine. Use the card of your division or section.

Please keep following usage of copy machines, otherwise it violates the Copyright law of Japan;


Carrels are the desks by the window, on the second floor and ground floor of the Main Library.

Note PC

Setting of PC

Group Study Rooms

There are 3 rooms for group works for more than 3 people. A (8 seats,) B(8 seats,) and C(10 seats.) computer, monitor, VHS and DVD deck, white board are installed to each room. Display of note PC can be projected on monitor. Reservation can be made at the Reference Service Center,2 weeks in advance.

Room A (8 seats)

Room B (8 seats)

Room C (10 seats)


Please call the staff at the Reference Service Center to use a scanner during its service hour. Refer to Detailed Service Hours.

Videos & DVDs

All video tapes and DVDs are stored in ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.) and can be retrieved through WebOPAC. Click title from the WebOPAC search result, then click [Run ASRS] or [ASRSから出庫] on the bottom of the page. DVD can be watched at each PC in the Othmer Library, or in group study rooms for more than three people on reservation. AV carrels on the ground floor are also available.


Please use microfilm readers to read and print microfilms. Please refer to Microfilms page for more detailed information.

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