Exterior wall repairing [2018-06-07]

The exterior wall repairing work for the Main Library will take place as follows. Although the library will be open during the work, there may be noise in some area. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We are going to inform the details of the work as soon as the plan is decided.

Undergraduates' extension of due date during the Summer Break [2018-06-06]

ICU students can borrow books over longer periods during the following period. The due date will be Monday, September 10, 2018. We hope you will make use of it.

Notice about the display, "I AM A NEKO(CAT)-Modern Japanese Literature Selection" [2018-06-04]

Under the theme of "I AM A NEKO(CAT)" we display translated Japanese novels of English, French, German, Russian, at the bookshelf for display on the first floor of the Main Library. Please come and take a look.

We started Instagram [2018-05-30]

We created an official Instagram account of ICU Library. We are going to show you our unknown aspects. If you enjoy our photos, please follow us.

Friends membership for students graduating in June 2018 [2018-05-26]

Students graduating in June 2018 can apply for ICU Library Friends from Thursday, June 14 2018 (Before anything else, they need to return all library books and pay overdue fine by Monday, June 11 2018).

ICU Library Friends membership allows them to borrow books after graduation. For more information, please read Library Friends of ICU Library homepage.

ICU alumni can enter the Library by showing identification (i.e. driver license, insurance card, passport) and signing their name and address at the Library entrance from 9:00 to 16:00, Monday to Saturday.

To students leaving ICU : Return books to Library [2018-05-22]

Please complete the Necessary Procedures by the following due date.

Necessary Procedures

Check all library books you are borrowing by MyLibrary and return all of them.

Check the amount of your overdue fine by MyLibrary, and pay it by ticket at the Document Supply Center.

●Replace (In case you have lost books)
Ask at the Document Supply Center.

Database Trial: JSTOR [2018-05-15]

JSTOR trial service will start as below. Please feel free to use it.

You can access and see all journals included in JSTOR besides approximately 250 journals which have been contracted by ICU Library already.
※Please note that e-Books are not included in this trial.

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