Extension of due date during Autumn Break [2019-11-08]

ICU undergraduate students can borrow books over longer periods during the following period. The due date will be Friday, December 6, 2019. We hope you will make use of it.

Magazine General Election [2019-11-05]

ICU Library’s first project. And it’s called Magazine General Election. Magazines that the Library will procure additionally will be decided based on your votes.
Thank you for your requests for candidate magazines in early October in the first phase!! The election is now being held as below! We look forward to your votes!

Exhibition "Emil Brunner and ICU: Faith, hope, and love" [2019-10-21]

Under the title "Emil Brunner and ICU: Faith, hope, and love" we display the materials related to Emil Brunner, a renowned Swiss theologian who worked for ICU from 1953 to 1955. Let us follow his footsteps and think what he gave to us and to the world today.

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