Notice about the display,"bridging the gap", main theme of C-Week 2017. [2017-05-23]

Under the title, "bridging the gap", the books by Dr.Seki, speakers of Special Chapel Hour at C-Week 2017 has been displayed on the 1st floor of the Main Library. Also, basic Japanese books related to the Reformation by Martin Luther are available. Please come and take a look.

Computer Maintenance Completed [2017-05-23]

The 1st floor Othmer Library PC maintenance has been completed. The service has been resumed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Urgent Computer Maintenance[2017-05-19]

The 1st floor of Othmer Library will close for urgent PC maintenance as above. If you need them, you can borrow note PCs at the counter on the ground floor. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Lecture of Databases related to ICU

To know more about ICU, here are some perfect databases we would like to introduce: ICU Repository, ICU Archive Database, "Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection" Digital Archives.

This is a joint project with the history class HST224 Modern Japan and ICU by Professor William Steele. If you are interested in ICU's history,join the session. We are looking forward for your participation.

Database Trial: JSTOR [2017-05-15]

JSTOR trial service will start as below. Please feel free to use it.

You can access and see all journals included in JSTOR besides approximately 250 journals which have been contracted by ICU Library already. You can access also use them from outside the campus using Off Campus Access and to download and print.
We encourage ICU students, faculty, and staff to examine this resource and provide feedback about its usefulness, quality of content, relevance to programs, etc. For inquiries and comments, please send us your email.

Quiz Event Scavenger hunt

This season has come again!
ICU Library will hold the quiz event “Scavenger hunt” as below. Please visit and see the special website for the detail.

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