We ran out of ACS Token [2021-04-20]

American Chemical Society(ACS) is limited to articles metered through Token access. We are afraid that we ran out of tokens. We'll purchase and provide them again from May 1st, 2021. If you need articles in ACS, please contact us. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The Opening Hours of O’s cafe will change [2021-04-15]

It has been 1 week since O’s cafe opening. Most of the users have been using there with good manners, but a part of users doesn’t follow the rules for preventing the spread of COVID-19. We have been taking measures against it by thinning out chairs, setting desk partitions, making notices, patrolling around, etc.
After consideration, we have concluded that it is difficult to manage when there is no staff. As a result, we will change the opening hours of O’s cafe as follows. Thank you for your understanding.

KinoDen eBook Library Trial: 900 Japanese ebooks available on your mobilephone [2021-04-12]

Kinokuniya eBook (KinoDen) Trial started. In this trial, you can read about 900 Japanese e-books. After you read some of them, please give us your feedback. Please refer to the following guide for the details.

O’s cafe will be temporary closed if you don’t follow the rules [2021-04-09]

O’s café, which just opened yesterday, is already being considered for temporary closing due to a part of users who don’t follow the rules. Please be sure to use the café according to the following rules.

★What we don’t want you to do

★What we want you to do

In fact, it was almost decided to close this place from today, but since some students were using it with moderation, we decided to make a final decision after seeing how it went today. It all depends on your morals. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

O's cafe Opened Today! [2021-04-08]

We are happy to announce that“O’s cafe” opened today on the ground floor of the Othmer Library. We created a relaxing space filled with wood-based furniture that never existed on ICU campus. You can enjoy eating and drinking what you bring here. There are also vending machines selling drinks and snacks. Every student and faculty member can use this room within the opening hours. Please come and enjoy our cafe.

MyLibrary login failure is occurring[2021-04-05]

MyLibrary login failure is occurring. It may take a few days to recover—apologies for your inconvenience.

Notice about the display, "A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION to a "Very Short Introductions" [2021-03-31]

Under the title of "A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION to a "Very Short Introductions",

This established book series, published by Oxford University Press are to be found on the bookshelf for display on the first floor of the Main Library.

Please come and take a look.

Start using Very Short Introductions online today!

How to use Oxford Very Short Introductions

The duration of the exhibition: From March 31(Tue.) to May 1(Sat.)

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