For Students graduating in March 2022 [2022-1-21]

Please make sure that you've returned all materials and paid all fees until Tuesday, March 8th.

It will be easier to apply for TLL and home delivery service (test operation) [2022-01-18]

We are preparing to switch from the application for TLL and mail lending service, done by "paper" or "attach to email," to the application by Google Forms.

Please try the web application form and answer the questionnaire. The link to the questionnaire is on order confirming mail.

ProQuest Ebook Central maintenance [2022-01-13]

ProQuest Ebook Central, one of our eBook platforms, will be unavailable during the following period while the supplier carries out maintenance work. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

ICU Discovery Webinar [2022-01-12]

ICU Discovery enables you to uncover a variety of resources available through ICU Library, including books and databases. It will increase the efficiency of information searching for your assignments and thesis. A professional staff from Clarivate company, the provider of ICU Discovery, will show you how to use it effectively.

※This webinar is for beginners.

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