O's cafe

O's cafe is a cafe space located in the Othmer Library. Food and drinks are allowed here. Coffee and snack vending machines are located in the room. Any ICU members (Students, Faculties, and teaching staff) can use it during opening hours. We look forward to seeing you there.

Introduction Video


Only groups of ICU members (Students, Faculties, and teaching staff) are allowed to hold events at O's cafe. Groups wishing to hold an event should submit an application using the form below.

Available uses with prior reservations

Only events that meet the conditions of the "Internal Regulations Governing the Use and Operation of the O’s Café at the Othmer Library" and the "Guidelines for Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19" may be held.

Past Events

Date Title Outline
2022.06.17 Let's talk with Dr. Takeuchi, Chair of the Board of Trustees! Would you like to spend time (two hours) to talk in person with "Hiro," who is an alum of ICU (so is his wife)?
2021.04.19 Cafe Pony "Cafe Pony" is a cafe event produced by Professor Shoichiro Iwakiri, our president. Let's enjoy coffee and dialog with him.


Library & CTL staff in charge of O's cafe:oscafe-mygroup(アットマーク)icu.ac.jp