Study Resources

0. Let's explore the ICU library with Joy!

1. Why use the library?

2. How to use the OPAC

3. MyLibraryを活用する(Japanese Only)

The following services are provided in MyLibrary.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is an automated grammar tutor and writing correction tool for academic writing. Grammarly Premium is available to the members of ICU (with XXXXXX@icu.ac.jp account.)

Please create an account to use it.
【Notice!】You need to use ICU mail address for the account. The Grammarly Premium is not available if you use the other domain.(@gmail.com, @yahoo.jp, etc..)

5. Affiliated Libraries

You can use several affiliated libraries.

6. Writing Support Desk(WSD)

At the Writing Support Desk (WSD), ICU graduate students serve as tutors, supporting graduate and undergraduates with their writing work. Please see the following link for the details.

7. Online情報の探し方(Japanese Only)

Online情報の探し方 第1回「ICU図書館にない本を探す」

Online情報の探し方 第2回「雑誌・新聞の記事を探す」

Online情報の探し方 第3回「ICU Discovery」

Ask us!

Reference Services

Reference Service Center provides support for all students and teaching staff on how to find academic resources and information. You can ask us by email, Q&A form, and phone call.

Please tell us the following things so that we answer smoothly

Ask a librarian

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.