What does Writing Support Desk do?

The Writing Support Desk(WSD) offers guidance to all undergraduate and graduate students in their academic writing process, such as term papers, senior theses and master's theses.In the process of answering questions from the tutor, students recognize problematic points in their papers. Therefore, by explaining the paper to someone, students are encouraged to “identify” and “resolve” these issues on their own. Students are welcome to talk about their papers at any stage of the writing process. Even if the students haven’t written any single word in their paper, the WSD tutors will serve as a venue for dialogue and discussions on matters related to the writing process. This may include brainstorming process to help students understand and identify a potential topic to work on.


  • Do they correct my papers?
  • I haven't written a word yet...
  • How can I compose my thesis?
  • Where can I find academic sources for my papers?


Please click the button to reserve a tutorial sessions.


  • Please first fill out the personal information for system registration.
  • Reservation must be made by 18:00 before the day (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) of reserved session.
  • Only up to 2 reservations can be made at one time.
  • Please contact the Reference Service Center to cancel your reservations. wsd(insert at-mark here)icu.ac.jp



Tutorial time period is set in accordance with ICU class period.Please refer to this page.


WSD Office Moved to the Ground Floor, September 2017

WSD office has moved to the ground floor of the Othmer Library in September 2017. Old office was on the upper floor, far from the tutorial booths. The new desk is set in front of the WSD office near from the booths. Please feel free to ask anything about WSD.

ICU Writing Support Desk
TEL: 0422-33-3668 Email: wsd(insert an at mark here)icu.ac.jp

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