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Donation of Books

ICU Library receives donation offers from many quarters. However, due to space constraints, it is difficult to accept all offers. We provide two ways to give to the library.

ICU Used Book Donation

"ICU Used Book Donation(ICU 古本募金)" is the project to support the library.
Your used books become the funds for purchasing books.
For details, please visit our page.

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Books Purchased by ICU Used Book Donation Fund

Here is the title list of books Purchased by ICU Used Book Donation(ICU 古本募金).

Donation of Books

The Library is accepting donations of books that meet the criteria outlined in the following guidelines.

Guidelines for accepting donated books

One of the following:

  1. Books not housed in ICU Library that comply with its collection policy
  2. Books already housed in ICU Library but are designated as reserved books or course reference materials

In both cases, books should not be marked up, degraded, or dirty and should withstand use and preservation at the Library.

Also, the handling of books not accepted due to not meeting these guidelines shall be left to the discretion of the Library.

Donation methods

Please either bring books directly to the Library or mail them (possible to use delivery service) and cover shipping expenses. Also, if there is a list of books to be donated, please notify the Library in advance, and the Library will contact you. Contact: ICU Library Donations 0422-33-3302 (

  • If sending books via the postal service or a delivery service, please complete “Donation List” and send it together with the book(s).

    Donation List

  • If bringing books to the Library, please bring them to Document Supply Center in the main building. When donating, you will be asked to complete “Donation Form.” It would be nice if you would prepare “Donation List” in advance and bring it together with the book(s).

    Also, drop-off hours are the same as counter service hours.

    Mailing address:
    〒181-8585 10-2 Osawa 3-chome, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
        ICU Library Donations

Donated books

Donated books will be reviewed by the Library Book Selection Committee and then added to the Library collection.

Also, where books will be shelved shall in principle be left to the discretion of the Library.

We regret to inform you that there is no catalog of donated books and sending of thank-you notes.



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