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Course Reserves

Course Reserves are the books designated by professors for their class reading. All Course Reserves are kept in the Library office. If you would like to set Course Reserves,please download the Course Reserves Designation Form(EXCEL),fill the form and submit to the Document Supply Center(DSC) ( E-mail titled "Reserve Book List".

Course Reserve List

Please note the following points in setting Reserve Books.

  1. By the Library Law or Copyright Law, only Library books may be offered as Reserve Books, not personal books or photocopied materials.
  2. Please write "Not in ICU" for the titles not in ICU Library and we will order them as soon as possible.

Writing Support Desk

The WSD offers an advice service of dedicated tutors(graduate students) to undergraduates and graduate students who have some questions or problems about academic writing. Students can have support from the tutors by making an appointment for their convenient time & date, or, by visiting the WSD on the ground floor of the Othmer Library during the lunch time, 4th and 5th period of each term. Students can bring their reports or their thesis drafts in English as well as those in Japanese. Both of Japanese-language and English-language sessions are available.

When you recommend a session to students in your classes and to your thesis advisees, please introduce them WSD homepage linked to the ICU Library homepage.

For inquiries about WSD, please contact us, WSD staff(Ext:3668.

Purchase of Books for Library Collection

You can order book purchases using MyLibrary or via email to enrich Library Collection..

Book Orders using MyLibrary

Login to MyLibrary. Fill in and send "Book Order" form. Please use your ICU Net ID & password to log-in to MyLibrary.

Book Orders via email

Send e-mail directly to the library staff( for book orders in the title of "Book Order". Orders through email will not be included in MyLibrary "Book Order Status" service.

Major Purchase

If you would like to purchase the material over 500,000 Yen(tax included),please download "Application Form for Major Purchase" (MSWord), fill the form and submit to the Acquisitions Department of the Library(Ext:3302).
Application Form for Major Purchase

Multimedia Room Reservation Form



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Open Hour

Weekday (In term)
8:30 - 22:30
Saturday (In term)& Summer
9:00 - 20:00
Saturday (Exam)
9:00 - 22:30
Sunday (ONLY for ICU students,Faculties, and staff/Othmer library closed)
13:00 - 19:00
Out of Term
9:00 - 16:30

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