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Entrance security/Borrowing books/Returning books/Reserve

Entrance security

Entrances are located on the first floor of the Main Library and ground floor of the Othmer Library. The entrance gate opens upon swiping your ID card through the card reader. If you forget your ID card, please log in to "My Library" on the PC at the entrance counter. Please ask at the Educational Affairs Office if you need to reissue your ID card.

Borrowing Books

Please use self check out machine on the first floor of the Main Library to borrow books. Follow the instruction on the screen. ID card is required. You cannot borrow books when you hold overdue books.

  • Undergraduates: 2 weeks
  • Graduates: 1 month
  • Library friends, part-time staff: 1 month
  • Faculty, staff, part-time lecturers and researchers: 3 months
  • Teaching assistants : 1 month
  • Course reserve books: On the day, 1 day, or 3days
  • Journals (for seniors, graduate students, faculty and staff only): 1 week

Number of Books you can borrow

  • Undergraduates, graduate students, teaching and clerical staff, assistants: No limits
  • Library friends, part-time staff: 3 books
  • Course Reserve books: 1 books per course at a time


  • If you have an overdue book, you cannot borrow other books newly.
  • If you have returned your overdue book, you can borrow books, even if your overdue fine is not paid yet.
  • Please pay your overdue fine at the end of term.

  • Books are recalled, regardless of loan period, when they are designated as course reserve.

Types of materials that can be borrowed
Can be borrowed Cannot be borrowed
Self Checkout Machine Document Supply Center
  • Journals (Senior students, graduates, teaching and clerical staff and can borrow journals of ASRS and Ground Floor.)
  • Newspapers
  • Reference books
  • Master and senior theses
  • Large-size books
  • Inter-Library Loan books
  • Rare books
  • Audio visual materials
  • Ordinary books
  • New books
  • Journals (for senior students, graduates, and staffs only)
  • Course reserve books (See Course Reserve page.)
  • Special borrowing for thesis writers

Returning borrowed Books

Return books that you borrowed to the following place. Books found in other places might not be regarded as returned. You can return books to the Document Supply Center by registered mail or by parcel delivery service, if you cannot bring checked out books to the Library by due date.

Deposit at the Document Supply Center

Deposit at the Main Library entrance (only when the Library is closed)

Returning Books Used in the Library

Put books that are used in the Library (not borrowed) on return trucks. The Library staffs will collect and shelve them. Please do not put them back to shelves.


When you keep books beyond their due dates, you cannot check out another book. Also, following overdue fines are set. Please pay by "Shoshi" at the Document Supply Center. You can check your overdue records at MyLibrary. Please confirm the amount of overdue fine before you buy "Shoshi".

Overdue Fine (per day per book, except Sundays and closing days)

  • Ordinary Books: 10 yen
  • Course Reserve Books: 300yen


Reservation can be put on borrowed books via WebOPAC. When books are returned, email notice will be sent to your ICU domain e-mail address eg.( Books will be kept at the Document Supply Center for 3 days (for ordinary books); 1 day (for Course Reserves.) On-the-day Course Reserve Books cannot be reserved in advance. You can also use MyLibrary to check whether requested books are ready to be borrowed or not.

Renewing Due Dates

Use self check out machine to renew due dates. However renewal may not be done, if a reservation is placed by other user. All ICU CLA and GS Master's degree students and Library Friends can renew on MyLibrary only once. Doctoral students can renew materials by MyLibrary as many times as they would like, if no one makes reservations them.

Books Lost

Call Document Supply Center in case you lost library books.(0422-33-3306) It should be reimbursed by the same title.

Search for Books/Course Reserves/Checking Due Dates

How to use OPAC

OPAC is a book search engine of the ICU library collection. All books are arranged in the order of "Call number." Books are located on the book shelves of the Main Library and in the ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) of the Othmer Library.

Floor Plan

  • Books on the book shelves
  • Please check the Call number shown on the detail display of the OPAC search result. For example, a book with "321.4/Ta85s" will be located on the book shelf of "300 Social Science", which on the second floor of the Main Library.

  • Books in the ASRS
  • The books with "ASRS" stated on the "Location" column of the OPAC detail display, are stored in the ASRS of the Othmer Library. To retrieve the book, click the "retrieve" button. Please pick up the book at the ground floor counter of the Othmer Library.

Checking Due Dates & Overdue Fines

You can check your current Loans, Reserves, and Overdues. Please click "Loan and Reservation Status" after log-in to use your MyLibrary account to check your current Loans, Reserves, and Overdues. Here you can check your information concerning your library use, such as the due dates of titles you are borrowing and how much overdue fines you need to pay.

You can also see your loan history by clicking the "Loan / return history" button of "Loan and Reservation Status." When specifying a date in this screen, please type the date in 8-digit number. (e.g. August 12th 2006 -> 20060812)

Log-in to MyLibrary

Reference/Q&A (Questions? Ask a Librarian!)/User Support

We are happy to support your academic research. We endeavor to answer any questions on how to use the computers in the library, how to find information, and what materials ICU Library collects.

Walk in RSC(Face-to-face)

Please come to the Reference Service Center of the Othmer Library for support. We will search for information with you on the spot.

Q&A (Questions? Ask a Librarian!)

Use the following Q&A form for questions and opinions on our services, or reference questions on your studies and researches.

Q&A form



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Saturday (Exam)
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Sunday (ONLY for ICU students,Faculties, and staff/Othmer library closed)
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