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Carrels / Computers


Carrels are the desks by the window, on each floor of the Main Library. These carrels are prepared for the current ICU students, faculties, and staff. Visitors, Non-ICU students and faculties, alumni are not permitted.

  • No reservations or registrations take place for using carrels.
  • No personal belongings can be left overnight on the carrels.
  • Please wear your variables when you leave the seat. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage on personal belongings of users during the use of the carrels.

For any questions, please ask at the Reference Service Center of the Othmer Library first floor.


The computers placed at the Study Area of the Othmer Library are for ICU students. You will need your ID and password to use it. If you forgot your password, please refer to the ILC Helpdesk For Students.

ILC Helpdesk


  • The Othmer Library computers are for present ICU students and staffs only.
  • The staff will shut down the computers not used for certain period of time, and take up the luggage to the office.
  • Files cannot save to computers. Please use USB devices or cloud storage to save.

Wireless Network Service

Please refer to the Integrated Learning Center of ICU Portal for question concerning Wireless Network Service. Wireless Network Service

How to Search and Borrow Course Reserves

Course Reserves are the books designated by professors for their class reading. All Course Reserves are kept in the Library office.

  • On-the-day: To be returned on the same day as checkout
  • 1 day: To be returned by the next day of checkout (in case of holiday, the day after)
  • 3 days: To be returned by 3 days after checkout (in case of holiday, the day after)

To see the list of courses with Course Reserves, click the following link or the "Course Reserves" button of the OPAC. Please follow the instruction below for searching and checking out Course Reserves.

Course Reserves of this term

  1. Click COURSE name.
  2. Click from the list, a COURSE name that you would like to borrow Course Reserves.

  3. Choose the book you would like to borrow.
  4. Write down the COURSE name and the call number of the Course Reserves that you would like to borrow. Only 1 Course Reserve can be borrowed per course at a time. There are 3 types of Course Reserves according to their due dates.

  5. Check out at the Document Supply Center.
  6. Submit the course name and the call number of the Course Reserves at the Document Supply Center to check out. (Office hour: 9:00 - 17:30 Overdue Fines: 300 yen per book per day.)

Book Purchase Request

Library accepts students' requests to purchase books.

Students' Request of General Budget

Please login to MyLibrary, and send "Book Order" form. Your request will be considered by the Library Book Selection committee. Please tell us the reason for your request by filling on the "Comment" column.

Ayako Horiuchi Memorial Book Fund

About Ayako Horiuchi Memorial Book Fund

On the 2nd of May, 2005, Miss Ayako Horiuchi, a junior in the Division of International Studies, passed away due to acute subarachnoid hemorrhage. Miss Horiuchi had studied in Italy and the U.K. as a child, and upon entering ICU, developed on her experiences and strengths, fostered close relationships with friends, and together with her furthering study of international relations, dreamed of a future career at UNESCO.

As a testimonial for her passion for learning, her father Toshihiro Horiuchi, a professor at Waseda University, donated 10,000,000 yen to Friends of ICU. In following with his wishes as a father and educator, the University has budgeted approximately 500,000 yen per year to purchase books requested by students, to add to the library’s resources (The ICU No.17 Mar.2006)

The Library will be accepting requests for book acquisitions from any student who wishes the Library to add a particular book to its collection.

How to Make Book Acquisition Requests through the Ayako Horiuchi Memorial Book Fund

  • Please submit requests via My Library by using the form "Ayako Horiuchi Book Fund Book Request Form" in "Book Orders" in "Service Menu."
  • Though there are no especial exclusions on the kinds of books that can be purchased through this fund, the Library’s book selection policy gives priority to those publications that are academic in nature and in hardcover edition(Up to 500,000 yen per year) .
  • Books acquired through the Ayako Horiuchi Memorial Book Fund will have a memorial seal bearing Ms. Horiuchi’s name, and titles acquired will be listed on the Library website.
  • Books acquired through the Fund will be kept in the open stacks and available for loan.

Special Borrowing for Thesis Writers

Special service for undergraduate students from the fourth year up and all graduate students. Books needed for thesis writing can be borrowed for longer loan period. Special borrowing for thesis writers service is available at the Document Supply Center.

  • Number of books: 10 (can be exchanged)
  • Loan period: 3 months



March 2017



Open Hour

Weekday (In term)
8:30 - 22:30
Saturday (In term)& Summer
9:00 - 20:00
Saturday (Exam)
9:00 - 22:30
Sunday (ONLY for ICU students,Faculties, and staff/Othmer library closed)
13:00 - 19:00
Out of Term
9:00 - 16:30

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