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Bylaws Governing Use of the International Christian University Library

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. In accordance with Article 12, International Christian University Library Regulations (hereafter “Regulations”), these bylaws establish the necessary policies and criteria to bring about effective and fair use of the Library resources and Library facilities.

(Library Structure)
Article 2. The International Christian University Library is composed of the following two facilities.
(1) The Main Library
(2) The Mildred Topp Othmer Library

(Recognized Users)
Article 3. According to Article 11 of the Regulations, users of the Library include the following.
(1) University faculty and staff of item 1 include part-time lecturers, part-time teaching assistants, part-time clerical assistants, part-time staff and researchers.
(2) University students of item 2 include auditors, students enrolled for specific courses, and research students.
(3) Individuals in item 6 include those enrolled for formal programs such as summer courses.
2. The following individuals may be granted single-day access with the permission of Director of the Library.
(1) Former full-time faculty and staff of ICU
(2) Former ICU students
(3) Family members over 18 years of age of current students
(4) Family members over 18 years of age of full-time faculty and staff
(5) Individuals over 18 years of age who are guaranteed by full-time faculty and staff
(6) Those wishing to utilize special collections or special materials
(7) Visitors over 18 years of age or high school students preparing for the entrance examination to see the library facilities
(8) Those in possession of a letter of introduction from another university

(Possession of Entrance Cards)
Article 4. Users must carry the following cards and present them to qualify for Library use when requested by a Library staff member.
(1) University faculty and staff: identification card
(2) University students: student identification card
(3) Library Friends: Library ID Card as determined by Friends Regulations
(4) Faculty, staff, and students of affiliated universities: user card as determined at time of affiliation
(5) Members of the Friends of ICU Association: Friends of ICU membership card
(6) Those given permission by Director of the Library to use special materials: letter of permission issued by the Library
2. Single-day users must present an identification card or a letter of introduction

Chapter 2. Use of Materials

(Perusal of Materials)
Article 5. Users may read all Library books and periodicals in the open stacks and in the Automated Storage and Retrieval System and other materials in the Library.

Article 6. Users in numbers (1) to (4) of Article 11 of the Regulation and those registered in official university programs in (6) of the same clause may be given borrowing privileges (hereafter "borrowing").

(Borrowing Procedures)
Article 7. Users use their Library ID card to borrow Library materials.

(Materials that may be Borrowed)
Article 8. Users may borrow all materials except for the following:
(1) Precious books or relatively precious books
(2) Reference books in the Reference Room and periodicals
(3) Microfilm, electronic resources, some audio-visual materials
(4) Oversized books, loose-leaf materials, paintings and writings, specimens or old books
(5) New journals and newspapers
(6) Other materials as determined by Director of the Library

(Number of Materials Borrowed)
Article 9. The total number of materials that may be borrowed by users is as follows (excluding the materials specified in Article 12)
(1) No limit for books for full-time faculty and staff, part-time lecturers (including periodicals in the basement)
(2) Part-time teaching assistants, part-time clerical assistants and researchers, same as the previous clause
(3) Graduate students of the university, same as the previous clause
(4) No limit for books for undergraduate students of the university (not including periodicals in the basement) (5) Part-time staff and Library Friends, according to Library Friends Regulations
(6) Users from affiliated universities and organizations, according to affiliation agreements
(7) Those students enrolled in official university programs such as summer courses, same as the previous clause

(Borrowing Period)
Article 10. Materials borrowing periods are as follows.
(1) Three months for books for full-time faculty and staff, researchers(one week for periodicals in the basement)
(2) One month for books for part-time teaching assistants and part-time clerical assistants (one week for periodicals in the basement)
(3) Graduate students of the university, same as the previous clause
(4) Two weeks for books for undergraduate students of the university (periodicals in the basement may not be borrowed.)
(5) Part-time staff and Library Friends, according to Library Friends Regulations
(6) Users from affiliated universities and organizations, according to affiliation agreements
(7) Those students enrolled in official university programs such as summer courses, according to the previous clause

(Borrowings for Theses Candidates)
Article 11. To the extent that usage is determined necessary for writing of theses, undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree candidates are given special borrowing privileges regardless of Articles 9 and 10.

(Special Borrowings)
Article 12. Regardless of Article 8, full-time teaching staff may make special borrowing for the purpose of educational research or teaching of reference books, oversized books, new periodicals, and other materials not usually loaned out.

Article 13. Materials out on loan may be reserved.

(Renewal of Borrowings)
Article 14. Those who wish to borrow materials for longer than the period stipulated in Article 10, may extend the loan period via the appropriate procedures if there is no reservation on the materials concerned.

(Recall of Borrowed Materials)
Article 15. The Director of the Library may recall borrowed materials in the event that is necessary.
2. The Director of the Library may recall borrowed materials if they are designated as reserve books.
3. Users must promptly return materials when a request for recall is received.

(Return of Materials due to Loss of User Status)
Article 16. If users lose their user status as per Article 3, they must promptly return all borrowed materials.

(Return of Materials)
Article 17. Users must return borrowed materials by the final day of the borrowing period.

(Overdue Fine)
Article 18. In the event that users do not return materials by the last day of the borrowing period, they shall have to pay an overdue fine based on the number of open days.

Article 19. Users may copy materials within the limits of copyright laws.

(Inter-Library Loan and Photocopy Service from Other Libraries)
Article 20. In order to contribute to education and research among users, the library provides inter-library loan service based on agreements with other universities.
2. Users may apply for an inter-library loan for materials not in the ICU Library but held in other libraries.
3. Documents not held in the ICU Library but held in other libraries may be obtained via photocopy service.
4. Users may not take materials borrowed from other universities outside the library, nor may they copy them.
5. Users are to cover partial costs for services outlined in clauses 2 and 3.
6. This service will be provided to users of other universities provided it does not interfere with the education or research of users at the ICU Library.

(Usage of Materials other than Books and Journals)
Article 21. Audio-visual materials such as microfilms, videos, DVDs, and tapes may be utilized after completing the relevant procedures.

Chapter 3. Use of Facilities and Equipment

(Use of Facilities and Equipment)
Article 22. Director of the Library may limit users of certain facilities and equipment.

(Group Study Rooms)
Article 23. The Group study rooms may be used by study and research groups of 3 or more persons utilizing library resources, after completing the appropriate procedures.

(Multimedia Room)
Article 24. The Multimedia Room may be used for classes, lectures and orientations utilizing audio-visual materials, after completing relevant procedures.

(Study Area)
Article 25. Study terminals and printers are located in the study area. Users may utilize the study terminals and printers for learning and research activities, and may receive guidance on equipment usage.
2. When using printers, the set fee for usage must be paid in terms of relevant procedures.

Chapter 4. User Services

Article 26. Library users may request to the appropriate staff for searches and guidance such as reference services for the purpose of education and research.

Chapter 5. Library Operating Times

(Yearly Operating Days)
Article 27. Yearly operating days for the Library will be disseminated to the entire campus community after approval by the Library Committee and reporting to and receiving consent from the Senate.

(Library Holidays)
Article 28. Library holidays are as follows.
(1) National holidays
(2) Days set as Library closure days in Article 27
2. Regardless of above regulations, Director of the Library may close the Library at any time if deemed necessary.
3. Notification of temporary Library closures will be made at such times as for in advance as possible.

(Library Operating Hours)
Article 29. The Library operating hours are as follows.
From Monday to Friday: 8:30AM to 10:30PM
Saturday: From 9:00AM to 8:00PM
Sunday: From 1:00PM to 7:00PM
Regardless of the preceding clause, Library operating hours will be extended or shortened during exam periods, out-of-term periods and summer vacation. Yearly operating schedules will be made public on the first operating day of the Library.
2. Regardless of the regulation in the previous clause, Director of the Library may extend or shorten Library operating hours temporarily if deemed necessary. Notification of changes in operating hours as per the previous clause will be made at such times.

Chapter 6. User Responsibilities

(Rules for Use of Materials)
Article 30. Library users must observe the following rules.
(1) Materials may not be taken out of the Library without completing borrowing procedures.
(2) Users must take care not to soil materials.
(3) Borrowed materials may not be loaned to others.
(4) If materials are lost, damaged, or soiled, users must notify the Library immediately.
(5) Individuals who lose, damage, or soil materials, or damage Library facilities, will be made to pay compensation.

(Rules for Use of Library Facilities and Equipment)
Article 31. Library users must observe the following rules.
(1) Do not loan your password or Library ID card to another.
(2) Contact the Library immediately if you lose your Library card.
(3) Maintain silence in the Library.
(4) Do not use mobile phones, audio players, or other similar devices in the Library.
(5) Do not hold gatherings in the Library other than for education or research activities.
(6) Do not eat or drink in the Library. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas.
(7) Distribution or posting of written materials or paintings is prohibited without permission.
(8) Library reading room seats, study terminals, and AV carrels may not be reserved. Seats may not be kept by leaving personal belongings on them.
(9) Activities which disturb others or interfere with study are prohibited.

(Rules for Use of Information and Information Equipment)
Article 32. Library users must observe the following rules.
(1) The ICU Web Code must be respected when using study terminals.
(2) Obey the various usage regulations when using terminals and electronic services.
(3) Use equipment with care and do not leave personal information on study terminals.

(Suspension or Prohibition from Use of Materials)
Article 33. Director of the Library will warn individuals who do not fulfill their "responsibility as users." If such warnings are ignored the Director of the Library is authorized to ask the individual leave the Library.
2. Individuals who are in serious violation of rules may be suspended from the Library by Director of the Library in accordance with Article 13 of Regulations.

Chapter 7. Activities

Article 34. The Library may hold lectures and other events that Director of the Library deems necessary for the promotion of education and research.

(Supplementary Provisions)
Article 35. Revision or abolishment of these bylaws shall be made by Director of the Library after deliberation in the Library Committee and report to the Senate.

Supplementary Provisions
This bylaws shall be effective as of January 1, 2004.


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