Home Delivery Service

For students who have difficulty coming to the library, the library offers home delivery service. Please check the information below and apply if necessary.


Undergraduate students (all students) and graduate students (Master’s Course and Doctoral Course) enrolled at ICU

Borrowing rules

You may apply three times per person during the Term, and a maximum of 5 books (total of 15 books) per application can be borrowed.

The number of times you have used this service in the Term will not be counted in the number of times you are eligible for the service in the next Term.

Loan periods for books are as follows.

How to apply

Please access the application form from the following URL or QR code.

Notes (Please check before applying!)

Book returns by mail

If you have difficulty coming to the library in person to return your books, we will accept the return of books by mail or courier service. Please send to the following address:

Document Supply Center
International Christian University Library
3-10-2, Osawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8585, Japan

◎Please use a service that allows tracking of delivery status (e.g., registered mail, Letter Pack, TA-Q-BIN). Please note that the borrower is responsible for shipping and other expenses. As a general rule, you are responsible for any loss or damage caused by mailing. Thank you for your understanding.

◎If you have a delivery slip issued by the library, you can use it for your returns.