Exhibition "What shall we eat? What shall we cook?" [2022-12-07]

Under the theme of "What shall we eat? What shall we cook?", we will be holding a book exhibition with books on cooking recipes and foodstuffs. College life tends to be nutritionally unbalanced. We will support your healthy eating habits. Please come and take a look.

Photocopying and ILL (Interlibrary Loan) [2022-12-02]

The Photocopy Service and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system, which many university libraries use, will be stopped from January 23 (Mon.) to January 31 (Tue.), 2023 for renovation.
ICU Library will accept requests from users, but please note that it will take time to arrange and order materials due to the service interruption at many other libraries during this period.
Please make your request well in advance.

Service Outage Due to Library System Update Work [2022-11-24]

Library system update work will be conducted on the following date and time. Please note that overdue payment and new registration/renewal of library Friends Card will not be available during this time. In addition, please note that you will not be able to check out books from the self check-out machines; please come to the DSC counter to check out books. Thank you for your understanding.

Library and Othmer Restrooms (including all kind of water supply facilities ) Closed Due to Emergency Construction Work [2022-11-22]

Due to a problem with the drainage system in the Library and Othmer, emergency work will be carried out. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and cooperation that the restrooms and all kind of water supply facilities in the Library and the Othmer will not be available during the following period.
※During the period when the restrooms are closed at library, please use the restrooms in University Hall (Honkan).

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