Extension of due date during the Summer Break [2023-05-23]

The start date fixed.

ICU students can borrow books over longer periods during the following period. The due date will be Wednesday, September 8, 2023. We hope you will make use of it.

For Students graduating in July 2023 [2023-05-22]

Please make sure that you've returned all materials and paid all overdue fines until Friday, June 26th 2023. If you remain in debt for any of the above, you will not be permitted to graduate in July 2023.
* The library does not send you a list of books on loan or a bill for overdue. Check your record on "My Library" by yourself.

The Library will support information searching for RW [2023-05-16]

We are happy to assist you with searching for materials for Research Writing Class. Although you can consult with us regularly, we will accept your request during the following period as an enhancement week.

Exhibition "C-Week 2023 Empathy with Weakness - Tune into the Unheard Voice" [2023-05-12]

The Christianity Week (C-Week) will be held from May 15th to 20th. The library displays books about Christianity and books related to each C-Week event. Please take a look and have a nice C-Week together.

Exhibition "Have you got used to university life yet?" [2023-05-02]

Under the title of "Have you got used to university life yet?," we will be displaying books that will help you feel positive about college life at this time of year when you begin to feel tired. Please take a look.

OPAC and related services will be stopped [2023-04-26]

In order to check and maintain the facilities receiving power on campus, there will be a temporary shutdown of power as outlined below. OPAC and related services will be stopped during the following date and time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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