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TAC (Tama Academic Consortium) Libraries (2023.05.24 Updated)

Services and information on TAC Libraries ( Kunitachi College of Music, Tsuda University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo Keizai University, Musashino Art University).

NOTE: Currently, the availability of visitors varies from library to library. Please be sure to check the website of the library you will be visiting or contact the ICU Library in advance.

Visiting TAC member libraries

This is a service that allows mutual access to the libraries of TAC member universities. Visiting to Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo Keizai University, and Tsuda University has resumed. Show ICU ID card to enter. Borrowing service is available on registration. See details on "TAC Lib(Tama Academic Consortium Library Service)."

TLL(TAC Library Lending) service

Books in TAC libraries can be retrieved through ICU Library using TAC Library Lending (TLL) and can be checked out for free. TAC delivery shuttle loops around TAC libraries every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during term. Please download and fill in the following form and submit it to the Document Supply Center. The form will be sent to a TAC library by next TAC delivery, and the book will be arrived at ICU Library by the delivery after next.

Please access the application form from the following URL or QR code.