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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers for frequently asked questions.

Please extend the Library service hours.

The most popular request to the Library is regarding extension of its open hours. It started almost at the same time as the library service began in mid 1950's. We had been answering each request through Q&A. We would like to commit here our official answer because we have received an official request from IMS (ICU Millennium Survey.)

We could not adopt IMS proposal. The Library had been extending its service hours, starting from 8:30-18:00 to 8:30-20:00 and to 8:30-22:30 answering the voices from users. This time's proposal had to be refused in terms of staff and cost.

IMS proposed the extension of closing time until 0:00. Users and staff do not have public transportation home after present closing time, 22:30. Those who request seem to be dormitory students and campus neighborhood.

About 20 or fewer students are confirmed to leave at 22:30, where average number of visits to the Library is about 1,750 per day. Labor cost to keep safe and secure studying environment and heating and lighting cost with about 1,000 lamps could not be added to present budget expenditure.

The same applies to the Sundays & holidays. We will have to arrange working hours of each staff and employ part-time staff. Presently, thirteen staffs at the Library have already held frequent changes in their work hours to open the Library on Saturdays. Also there is no more budget to employ extra part-timers. We would like to ask you for cooperation. (2003/04/01)

Are double-side copying, multi-page copying, OHP-sheet copying, available at the copy machines in the Library?

We deliberately limit some functions of the photocopy machines in the Library, not to make users confuse and prevent them from unexpected troubles. We had many paper-stuck troubles when we adopt double-side copying function. Also, a lot of users faced unexpected double-side copies because a person who used the machine before them left the setting. We would like to keep providing the best simple way to use the machines. multi-page copying, OHP-sheet copying are not provided for the same reason. (2003/04/01)

New photocopy machines with double-side copying and other options are installed. (2008/03/19)

It's hot. It's cold.

Because the heating and air-conditioning of the Library buildings are supplied by the campus central power station, it is not possible to turn on and off, or adjust the thermostat at the Library. Also, it is only possible to run heating and air-conditioning during period that the University decided as needed. As long as the University adopts this system, it is impossible to solve the problem completely.

Please ask the Library staff when you feel that it is too hot or cold. We would like to respond on a case-by-case basis including consideration to negotiate with power station. Meanwhile we would like to ask users to respond by them selves by changing seats and opening windows. Thank you for your cooperation. (2003/04/01)

What does the Library do to serious overduers?

1. When hold request is put on the book. (1) When hold request is put on the book, or when the book with hold request becomes overdue, the Library send reminders to overduers until the book is returned. Reminders are sent both to Honkan mailboxes and to yamata email addresses. (2) If 1 week passed after reminder and the book is still not returned, the Library make phone calls to overduers until the book is returned.

2. When no hold request is put on the book, reminders are sent for overduers that exceed 1 month, both to Honkan mailboxes and to yamata email addresses.

Please put a hold request when the book that you would like to borrow is on loan. Ask at the Document Supply Center when it is urgent. We do not adopt overdue penalty system with suspension of checkout service as you might see in other libraries, not to disturb academic activities of the students.

Why does the Library charge overdue fines?

It is not the purpose of overdue fines to collect money. We hope that it acts as a deterrent to prevent overduers and to protect the interests of all library users. It is possible to renew loan period as long as no hold request is put on the book. No overdue fines are charged if you renew loan period before the due date. The Library hope that every users keep the Library regulations without overdue fine system.

Collecting overdue fines is one of the important business of the Library, but also is the most complex and time-consuming work. The overdue fines are not booked as the Library budget income. Less overdues, less burden on both you and us. We would like to ask for your cooperation. Please note that clearing overdue fines is one of the necessary requirement for graduation.

I want the Library to purchase a journal title.

We do not accept journal orders from users. The Library purchase journals and newspapers as standing orders. Once the journal title is ordered, it will be continuously purchased, and payment continues semipermanently. Journal orders must be decided in consideration; the importance of the title in the field of study, the appropriateness with courses that ICU provides, usage statistics, etc. These are the reason why journals cannot be ordered in the same manner as books. We have to stop purchasing one title to acquire a new one in terms of budget.

Why can't I borrow journals?

Only senior and graduate students can borrow journal issues shelved on the ground floor and in ASRS. The opinion that it might be more useful if everybody can borrow journals, comes up in the case where one is denied borrowing a journal issue that one wanted, and not in the case where one found the wanted issue borrowed by others. The Library prefers the service that everyone can always come and browse journals in the Library rather than the service that everyone can check journals out of the Library. Thank you for your cooperation.

What happened to the book that I had requested the Library to purchase?

The Library staff consider suitability of the title as a ICU Library holding. The titles that meet the requirement is promptly ordered. Delivery depends on the status of the book market circulation. It takes about 1 month for Japanese books, 2 to 3 months for Non-Japanese books to arrive and to be on the shelves. Books are often found to be out of print. Inter library loan service is available. Fill in the form in "MyLibrary" and send.

Please login to MyLibrary and click "Book Order Status" to check the present status of the books you ordered.

How come there are so few novels in the Library?

Since ICU Library is an university library, priority is set to collect materials that are suitable for the courses provided by the university and for research and study of students and faculties. Novels are not regarded as important part of our collection unless they are subject of academic research. If you need specific novels for your research and studies, please fill in the form on the Library top page and send.

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