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ICU Theses

ICU Senior, Master and Doctor Theses (Read me first)

ICU senior and master theses authors retain his/her copyrights on their works even after they graduated from ICU. ICU allows present ICU full-time teaching and general staff, CLA and graduate students to browse the theses that the authors gave such permission, in compliance with the Copyright Law. Following uses are regarded as infringement of the law: Checkig out, taking photograph, photocopy, printing out, downloading, transferring and referring to your own thesis. Doctoral theses are stipulated as open documents.

Senior / Master Theses

ICU Senior (before 2002) / Master theses (before 1998)

Only the authors of the individual thesis hold the right to browse or to give permissions for others to use them. Author should contact the Library when they wish to use their own thesis.

ICU Senior (from 2003 to March 2020) / Master theses (from 1999 to March 2020)

ICU Senior / Master theses are stored in ASRS.

How to access

Senior / Master Theses (June 2020 and after)


Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations, published in June 2013 and after , are availble as electronic files through ICU Repository except for some ones.

The original paper-bound version are shelved in the Main Library along with ordinary books. Use OPAC to search them.

ICU Repository

The List of ICU Doctoral Theses

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