ICU 60th Anniversary Project Special Exhibition "The Legacy of Diffendorfer and Troyer -Setting the Stage for A New University"

Exhibition Period

Exhibition outline

(Diffendorfer and Troyer at Chichibunomiya Villa; 1949)

(Diffendorfer and Troyer at Yokohama port ; 1949)

The materials regarding Diffendorfer and Troyer was exhibited. Diffendorfer, who was the manager of the Methodist mission board in establishment preparation period of ICU, died suddenly before its founding. On the other side, Troyer, who had worked with Diffendorfer then, had made a great contribution to management and education of ICU as vice president after its founding. By seeing the materials about them and understanding their activities, we get time for thinking where should we head.

This exhibition was held as a part of ICU 60th Anniversary Project.