Maurice E. Troyer Memorial

About Maurice E. Troyer

Dr. Maurice E. Troyer (1903-1997) was a scholar in education and psychology, an educator, and an administrator in the early stage of ICU. He was born in McLean, Illinois, on August 24th, 1903. He graduated from Bluffton College, then completed Ph.D at the Ohio State University in 1935. He served as the director of the Evaluation Service Center at Syracuse University while he taught his students. Also worked as a member of the Commission on Teacher Education, American Council on Education. He was appointed as a coordinator for the project for establishing a Christian university in post-war Japan and moved in 1949 together with Ralph E. Diffendorfer, a Methodist missionary leader. His posts at ICU include The first Vice President of Academic Affairs, a member of the Board of Trustees, a member of the university councilors, a professor of psychology, etc. He led the making of the ICU's research and education. His figure, gentle and fair, at the same time, determined with backbone, stood on his Christian faith. As a so-called "ICU Family" member, he formed the basis of the ICU spirit of autonomy rather than given discipline.


1903 August 24 Born in McLean, Illinois, USA.
1924 June Graduated Bluffton College
1935 June Ph.D at the Ohio State University
1943 September Professor at Syracuse University
1945 Septermber Director of the Evaluation Service Center at Syracuse University
1940 to 1943 Member, The Commission on Teacher Education, American Council on Education
1943 to1949 Advisor for evaluation of universities, colleges and other educational institutions in the United States
1949 Arrived Japan with Ralph E. Diffendorfer as a member of JICUF (Japan International Christian University Foundation)
1953 to 1966 A member of the ICU Board of Trustees, the Vice President of Academic Affairs (1953-1962), a professor of Psychology (1960-1966)
1966 August 15 Return to USA
1974 Visiting Professor of Psychology
1997 December 19 Passed away


Dr. Troyer was an eminent researcher in the field of education, at the same time he was a talented facilitator. Also, he was a thoughtful educator and acted as the "Father of the ICU Family." He devoted himself to nurture students' independence and development of humanities. Pursuance of ideal education, solution of real problems, commitment to each student; all of these were well-balanced in his character. He was the most influencial person in building up the ICU's educational frameworks.


Slide show/Movie

Diffendorfer and Troyer (right) from the ICU Archive exhibition "Diffendorfer and Troyer" (2015 October to 2016 March)

Diffendorfer and Troyer visiting Aoyama Gakuin in 1949 May (by courtesy of the Aoyoma Gakuin Archives)

ICU Gazette Memorial Issue for Dr. Maurice E.Troyer and Mrs. Arvilla S. Troyer (1998 June)


Memorial Service

Memoir by Prof. Troyer

This is a book written by Professor Troyer. It tells us a lot about ICU at its early stage, from its making, its character, numeours issues it had, and how he and other administrators handled them.

Troyer Memorial Arts and Sciences Hall

The new building, completed in 2022, was named the "Troyer Memorial Arts and Sciences Building." Adjacent to the University Hall, natural science laboratories and classrooms moved from the Science Building to this new building. Large classrooms and common spaces have been established and are used as a place to realize ICU's fusion of arts and sciences.