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Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection


The Collection includes books and magazines written by or written on Kanzo Uchimura, a Christian thinker of the Meiji era. The collection is established in 1964 by the Committee for the establishing Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection, of which members were Uchimura's pupils. ICU Library took over the collection management. Researchers and scholars doing their research on Kanzo Uchimura can make use of the collection. Special materials are not for browsing.

Catalogue; Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection

Catalogue of "Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection".

I. Memorials

Autographs and letters written by Uchimura, photographs and others.

II. Published Works

Books and journals that are written or edited by Uchimura.

III. Relevant Materials

Books and journal articles written on Uchimura.

This catalog is based on "Catalogue; Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection (the third edition)".Regarding "I. Memorials",the materials we had accepted by March 2016 were added.

You can search "II. Published Works" and "III. Relevant Materials" by OPAC.

The way of searching by OPAC

Please choose "Search Option" - "Location" - "Uchimura Memorial".

"Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection" Digital Archives

The digitalized materials of the memorial materials, such as autograph copies, letters, and photographs of "Kanzo Uchimura Memorial Collection" are available. Please use Internet Explorer to use the "Search" function of the linked page.

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