All That Osawa

Here are some historical documents in the ICU Archives regarding Osawa area where our campus stands.

Osawa, Miataka

According to "The History of Mitaka City," the Osawa community has a long history that dates us back to the Jomon and the Palaeolithic period, some thirty thousand years ago, together with other adjacent area like Mure and Senkawa. The so-called "Hake (Kokubunji cliff line)," the terrace formed by the ancient Tama River blessed us with the numerous water springs along the cliff enable the residents to cultivalte rice and other crops.

About Osawa 3-chome

Osawa 3-chome is a large district of approximately 850,000 square metres, including International Christian University, Tokyo Theological University, Lutheran College, Middle Eastern Culture Centre and Subaru Corporation Tokyo Office. The are used to be known as "Musashino" and "Sakaue" (including some Kami-ishihara,) and is located on the hgiher-part of the "Hake" (Kokubunji cliff line.)

The Old Maps of Osawa

These old maps show the land lot numbers within Osawa area. The maps were drawn in 1905 (Meiji 38.) They are the copies of the original, that were drawn in 1875 (Meiji 8.) Please click the image to see details.