This page shows the valuable techniques and the services of the Library.
Not only ELA students, but anyone who wants to know how to use the library in a basic way is welcome to refer to this page.

Table of Contents

ELA Library Orientation

We offer library orientation within ELA classes.

Section 1. Online Tutorials for the students who are taking the ELA class

Target Students Links to YouTube videos & Quizzes Video length Overview
Spring Term, Freshman Why use the Library? 2:42 The reasons why you should use the library.
How to use OPAC 2:58 The basic usage of OPAC, the online library catalogue.
Make Good use of MyLibrary 2:47 "Mylibrary" is the portal site of helpful library services, including checking your loan status,ordering the interlibrary loan and the book purchase request.
Autumn Term, Freshman Use e-resources 3:08 This video will outline ICU Libary's e-resources.
ICU Discovery ①Overview 2:54 This video shows what ICU Discovery is and how to access it.
ICU Discovery ②Basic Usage 3:01 This video shows the way of basic search including narrowing down the results and access to full-texts.
Newspaper Title List(No video & quizzes) -- List of subscribing newpaper titles in ICU Library.
Research Writing ICU Discovery ③Search Techniques 2:47 This video shows search techniques including making good search term and how to use advanced search.
ICU Discovery ④Search Related Items 3:29 This video shows how to collect related items based on an article you found.
ICU Discovery ⑤Record Bibliographic Information 2:26 This video shows how to record bibliographic information of the items you found.
The ways of thinking for information searching ①Choose the Right Tool 2:57 This video shows the differences between ICU Discovery, OPAC, and Google Scholar.
The ways of thinking for information searching ②Search Term 3:09 This video shows what search terms you should use for searching.
Reference Service -- You can discuss with library staff about ways to discover potential sources.
Research Writing
(supplementary information / students who are interested in)
How to obtain books that ICU library doesn't have(YouTube video only / No quizzes) 2:56 This video shows how to obtain books from another library.
What is "Berrypicking model"?(YouTube video only / No quizzes) 3:05 This video shows "Berrypicking model", one of models of information behavior.
A video that may reduce your anxiety about assignments.(YouTube video only / No quizzes) 3:39 We recommend you to watch this when you got assignments. It may reduce your anxiety about assignments.

Section 2. Helpful Information for the ELA students

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an automated grammar tutor and writing correction tool for academic writing. Grammarly Premium is available to the members of ICU (with XXXXXX@icu.ac.jp account.)

Please create an account to use it.
【Notice!】You need to use ICU mail address for the account. The Grammarly Premium is not available if you use the other domain.(@gmail.com, @yahoo.jp, etc..)

2. RefWorks

RefWorks is a web-based product that simplifies the process of documenting sources in a research paper, dissertation, or other project requiring references.

Please create an account to use it.【Notice!】You need to use ICU mail address for the account.

3. Graded Readers

ICU Library has lots of graded readers, easy-to-read books for English learners.

4. Writing Support Desk(WSD)

At the Writing Support Desk (WSD), ICU graduate students serve as tutors, supporting graduate and undergraduates with their writing work. Please see the following link for the details.

Section 3. How to obtain materials from another library

1. Interlibrary Loan/Photocopy from another library

You can obtain materials from another library. Use MyLibrary to order this service. Please see the following page for details.

2. How to check ICU Library's holdings

Before ordering Inter-Library Loan or Photocopy service, check ICU Library's holdings. Recommended search tools are as follows.

3. Affiliated Libraries

You can use affiliated libraries. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, some university libraries are restricting access to visitors. Please consult with us if you wish to use the affiliated library.

Section 4. Ask a Librarian!

1. Reference Services

Reference Service Center provides support for all students and teaching staff on finding academic resources and information. You can ask us by email, Zoom, Q&A form, and phone call.

Please tell us the following things so that we answer them smoothly

2. Ask a librarian

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.